RAWR is a different kind of beverage brand.

It was created by a fun-loving, cheeky team of baristas & fitness-fanatics with a strong passion for bold flavours & natural ingredients that compliment a healthy lifestyle.

We’ve been perfecting our innovative recipes for years and are proud to bring you industry-leading products that are enjoyed around the world.

Our award-winning honey-free chais and zero added sugar latte fusions are made completely by hand with lots of love, right here in Australia.

We freshly break, chop & crush the highest quality ingredients we can get our little paws on for each & every hand-made batch, without the use of any machinery – our goodies are always handmade with love!

We are committed to doing things differently and strive to be an honest, highly personable company that truly revolves around its global community.

We’ve built solid relationships with every one of our incredible suppliers & stockists, regularly get involved in charitable events and actively engage with our passionate pride of chai-lovers.

Our Vision

To tingle the worlds taste buds with our flavour-packed range of natural, healthy products!