RAWR Barista at Work

RAWR is a very different kind of company

it was created in 2016 by a small, fun-loving team of baristas and fitness-maniacs who were getting pretty fed up of the over-priced, underwhelming products didn’t quite live up to its fancy marketing

so we set out on a mission to do it ourselves – with love, with passion and a whole lot better than the rest!

we’ve been perfecting our innovative recipes for years now and are proud to bring you industry-leading, internationally awarded products, showcasing our super-strong passion for bold flavours & natural ingredients, that are enjoyed around the world

our extensive range of honey-free chais, ZERO added sugar latte fusions and premium loose-leaf teas are made completely by hand with lots of love, right here in Perth, Australia

we freshly break, chop and mix the highest quality ingredients we can get our little paws on for each & every batch, without the use of any machinery – our goodies are always [and always will be] handmade with love!

you can learn more about tea, spices and our unrivaled processes in our new space – the RAWR den – now open in City West! Check out this page for more details


you’ve probably got the gist by now, but we’re absolutely committed to doing things differently. We strive to be an honest, highly personable company that truly revolves around its global community

we’ve built solid relationships with each & every one of our incredible suppliers & stockists and actively engage with our passionate pride of RAWR-lovers

we’re always eager to do more so if you have an idea, want to collaborate with us or want us to get involved in an event get in touch, we’d absolutely love to hear from you!