what is masala chai?

What is Masala Chai?


Firstly, here’s a quick crash-course in world language;


The English term “Chai” originates from the Hindustani word “chai”, which was derived from the Chinese word for tea, “cha”.

“Masala” is a common word used throughout South East Asia to describe a blend of spices or “Spiced” and has [blurry] origins in Hindustani, Gujarati and Nepalese

For the record, “Chai tea” is really not a thing. It literally translates as “Tea tea” which don’t make no sense, right? Same goes for “Chai tea latte” which is “Tea tea milk”


So what is Masala Chai? You guessed it – Spiced Tea!


What exactly is it made of?


Masala Chai or “Chai”, as it’s more commonly referred to, is traditionally prepared using cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks, ground cloves, ground dry ginger and black peppercorns together with black tea leaves, although everyone has their own secret recipe – we know we do!

Our incredibly special, internationally awarded blend contains all of the above but with FRESH ginger and additional FOUR hand crushed spices, giving you a much more complex yet incredibly satisfying, soul-warming flavour profile


How do I make it?


Our favourite way of preparing Chai, which is the traditional method, is by actively simmering the ingredients with water, milk and sugar for a few minutes, then straining before serving. Luckily, however, our sticky Chais are the perfect balance of spice & healthy sweetness as we delicately hand-mix our blend with our house-made coconut sugar syrup – no extra sugar is needed!


Check out our video below for a crash course in home brewing and get your paws on our ever-growing range here!