why coconut sugar?


Why do we use coconut sugar in our house-made syrup?


We didn’t want to be another run-of-the-mill chai brand that did the same thing as everybody else, so to stand out from the crowd we aimed to be innovative and find new & exciting ingredients to use in our natural, healthy products


After years of testing, tasting and in-depth research, we found that coconut sugar was the most healthy, sustainable and most versatile product we could use


It’s a completely raw, unprocessed, natural sweetener containing an array of minerals & vitamins such as potassium, zinc, iron and vitamins B1, 2, 3 & 6 which are still present after heating


Sourced in a sustainable manner and a healthy alternative to sugar & other popular sweeteners, coconut sugar is the product of the centuries-old tradition of “tapping” palm trees for their sap. Once extracted, the sap is reduced down through boiling then left to dry naturally in shallow trays, it’s then carefully scraped into rolls and sent for packing

– nothing is added and no processing occurs!


Coconut sugar also has a lower GI (35) than most other sweeteners used in wet chai mixes such as Honey, which has a GI of between 45 & 65, depending on the blend


“But why not use Agave syrup?”


Agave syrup is increasingly used as a sweetener in some newer wet chai mixes as a vegan-friendly alternative and whilst it does have a very impressive GI of only 11, it’s high in fructose (around 80-90%) and processed by the body differently; instead of getting processed in the lower intestine, like most sugars, Agave gets processed by the liver like alcohol which, long-term, can have negative effects on cholesterol and actually increase the risk of diabetes


The way in which Agave syrup is processed is also a concern to many.  It’s essentially made by treating the Agave sugars with heat and enzymes, which actually destroys all its potential health benefits. The end product is unfortunately a highly refined, unhealthy syrup that numerous experts have labelled worse than white sugar


So, not only is RAWR Chai better for the planet, it’s better for your sexy body too!